Ulrahman Zeitoun Summary

Register to read the introduction… He was a father of four, married to an American wife Kathy and owned a successful painting and contracting firm. The story introduces their every day lives and explains Zeitoun’s passion for his work and the welfare of others like his own employees. I instantly became fond of him because not only was he a modest husband and father he was also a kind person that you’d be lucky to have as a neighbor. At first the family was a little concerned about the storm yet as soon as it began looking more serious the mother and four kids did evacuate and flee first to a crowded house of relatives and then west to Pheonix. She begs Zeitoun to come with them. He says he’s been through many bad storms before and that he’ll be fine plus he needed to take care of the house and business and through his eyes I was able to experience the hurricane’s destructive path. I felt heart-wrenched

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about the way things were going because I couldn’t imagine leaving my husband behind in such a destructive place like that but I really admired Zeitoun’s courage and bravery for helping the elderly and the hungry dogs. I was humbled to see how some one with a big heart like his would go out of his way to help others by traveling the flooded streets

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