Essay about Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's ' The ' Of The Sun '

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In the poem Harlem, by Langston Hughes, Langston references a deferred dream which over time, either dies or flourishes. In the play A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry, the main characters, Walter, Beneatha, Mama, and Ruth are all experiencing a deferred dream. While Walter and Beneatha are willing to take any means necessary to fulfill their dreams, Mama and Ruth aren’t so ambitious. Mama (Walter and Beneatha’s mother) dreams of one day owning her own home, in a beautiful neighborhood, big enough for her family to live comfortably. Mama finally has the finances needed to buy her dream home, but faces the possibility of breaking up her family. In order to keep her family together, she decides to give up on her dreams so that her children can live their dreams. Beneatha has a dream of becoming a Doctor. Although Beneatha is determined to achieve her dreams, she also realizes that because of the color of her skin, her sex, and her financial difficulties becoming a doctor will take her longer than expected. Walter has dreams of becoming a business owner, making a lot of money, and being able to provide for his family, giving them the life they deserve. Given Walters lack of funds to start his business, his dream of becoming a business owner seems to be further away than he had hoped. Ruth (Walter’s wife) in turn has dreams similar to Mama, although she rarely speaks of them. Ruth dreams are of living a better life, moving to a better neighborhood, and having the…

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