Essay about Analysis Of ' Kill A Mockingbird ' By Harper Lee

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Throughout history, racism and prejudice have affected the lives of individuals all over the world. Segregation has divided the unity among colored and non-colored people, forcing the whites to immediately think differently of someone who doesn’t look the same as they look. Arthur Radley and Tom Robinson share many similarities despite the fact that one is white, and the other is black. In To Kill a Mockingbird these two characters experience different stories and lifestyles but meet a common ground in result of them. When compared side by side, Harper Lee proves that the justice system applies beyond just the pigment of someone’s skin. Arthur Radley is a thirty-year-old man who is a recluse in his house throughout the plot of To Kill a Mockingbird. This caused the citizens of Maycomb, Alabama to automatically label Arthur as inferior to them because he is hidden away in his home the majority of the time. In Maycomb, the normality is to be social and open to the other residents. When Arthur didn’t apply this normality to his life, it resulted in him being ridiculed for it because he wasn’t doing what everyone else was and that made him different. Similarly, the people of Maycomb, Alabama characterize Tom Robinson because he is black. The blacks that inhabit the city are never treated fairly, which never lets the odds come into their favor. Tom is accused of rape by

Mayella Ewell. This accusation furthered into a court order that would cause Tom to be guilty of this crime…

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