Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's Life Essay

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Joseph Conrad was a novelist born on December 3, 1857 in Berdychiv, Ukraine. He had a tragic childhood. His mother died of tuberculosis in 1865 and his father died after his imprisonment for his attempts to regain Polish independence from the Russian Empire. Conrad was taken in by his uncle and took an interest in geography, something that Marlow from Heart of Darkness takes a liking to as well with his interest in maps and unemployed territories. When he was just seventeen, he got a job as a merchant-marine and sailed ships for the next couple of years in his life. His job as a sailor is parallel to Marlow’s job in the novella. In 1890, he got a job with A Belgian trading company and was given command of a trip into the Belgian Congo. His three years on the trip lead to the events that inspire the plot to Heart of Darkness. Marlow is placed in his position, getting a job at the Company and leads a trip into the Belgian Congo. The darkness of imperialism that Marlow sees comes from the corrupt nature of conquest during the New Imperialism Era. Conrad continued to write novels when he returned from the Congo and died on August 3, 1924.

The novella starts with a sailor listening to Marlow tell a story about his journey into the Congo and recounts the story to the audience. Interested with the “dark sports” of unexplored territory on maps and taking an interest in the snake-like shape of the Congo, Marlow takes a job as a captain with the Company that…

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