Analysis Of Jonathan Swift 's A Modest Proposal Essay

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There is an ancient art form that humanity has been attempting to master since before time. This art form is sarcasm. The way in which humans can say something with the subtext dripping from the words and another human can immediately understand they do not mean what they say is amazing. Very closely related to sarcasm is satire. Satire is when a writer uses humor, wit, and sarcasm to point out wrong doings in society. Jonathan Swift is a satirist who wrote “A Modest Proposal”, though not every satirical author exposes there name. “Aspiring Politician Hopes Government Leaves Some Women’s Rights For Him To Gut One Day” was written by an anonymous author. Though these essays argue on different matters, they both use women as satirical tools to prove their point. Swift and the anonymous author both write on varying reforms. Swift decided to address the issue of famine plaguing Ireland in the 1700’s, as he existed during that time. He proposes that they eat the children of the poor because they are not contributing to society and “. . . a young healthy child well nursed is at a year old a most delicious, nourishing, and wholesome food,. . . “(Swift 9). While in an extreme form, this is satire at its best. Swift is putting an extreme solution to show that there are other options. Swift is very different from Anonymous in that way as Anonymous doesn’t solve an issue, instead a situation is simply complained about. Anonymous writes about the lack of women’s rights that exist in…

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