Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay examples

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Survival of the fittest rules out who is weak and allows the strong to prevail. John Steinbeck introduces this idea in his powerful novella Of Mice and Men. This book is set in the tragic times of the Great Depression in the 1930’s and centers around the migrant workers of a ranch. These men are hardworking and rugged although, there are a few who stand out from the others on the ranch. Crooks, the African American stable buck with a crooked back, Lennie, the monstrous worker who has a childlike attitude, and Candy, the elderly handy man with only one hand as a result of a machine accident. Their disabilities, race and age set them apart from the others and contrusts a widespread false perspective of them throughout the ranch. Steinbeck reveals the isolation of his characters as a result of their perceived disabilities and social judgement throughout the book by highlighting the segregation of Crooks, the exclusion of Candy, and the disconnection of Lennie. The segregation of Crooks due to his race and crooked back shows the division of the men at the ranch. Crooks is not allowed to be in the white bunk room; therefore, he has his own room in a small shed off of the barn wall. The separation of skin colors at the ranch has always been a “rule” followed by the men until, Lennie comes into Crooks room. Lennie explains his confusion of why the men are separated and Crooks sternly tries to make Lennie understand by saying, “I ain’t wanted in the bunkhouse and you ain’t wanted…

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