Analysis Of John Jackson 's ' Black ' And ' The Capital Of Black America '

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Sociology John Jackson uses symbolic interactionalism to discuss the difference in Black America and argues how the social class within Harlem shows how people act towards each other based on the meaning of blackness. He uses the borough Harlem to reflect on more than just the difficulties within a black neighborhood but the variety of social networks and class stratifications to explore how African Americans interpret and perform different class identities in their everyday behavior.
Jackson used the ideal of Harlem "the capital of Black America"(Jackson 19), to discover a deeper meaning for the culturally known black community. It was a place with its own historical and cultural significance. After doing some research and gathering information, I learned he wanted a title that would reflect the neighborhood 's far-reaching reputation: "Harlem World: Doing Race and Class in Contemporary Black America". The title expresses multiple interpretations of and about Harlem in a popular culture.
Jackson grew up in a neighborhood called Canarsie in Brooklyn. He saw Harlem only during visits to relatives which wasn’t quite often. He decided to compare his old community to his research based to see the difference within both communities. He described them as "different planets (Jackson XI)." He chose the Manhattan neighborhood as the subject of his research because it was "an opportunity to get to know a place that I felt I should know" (Jackson XII). Discovering the truth…

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