Jessa The Bearded Woman Analysis

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Jessa The Bearded Woman Jessa is one of the new additions to the Freakshow per episode 101. It’s Poncho and Lefty the two headed bearded dragons 3rd birthday (here is a clip), Todd is determined to have the best plethora of “original like” sideshow performers as possible. We see Todd searching for bearded women with a “real beard” and not peach fuzz like many women try to claim. Todd compares Jessa to Annie Jones one of the most popular bearded women of all time. In this clip, Jessa describes that she was brought in to be a historical representation of a classic sideshow bearded lady. The bearded lady was usually the palm reader and the enticer, they were meant to bring people in. It was interesting to discover she is …show more content…
Annie was brought to the big apple a little after her first birthday. P.T Barnum had caught wind of the hairy infant and wanted her featured in his museum as “The Infant Esau”. … “The name ‘Esau’ was often applied to hirsute wonders and was in reference to the biblical grandson of Abraham, brother of Jacob. Esau’s name in Hebrew means ‘hairy’, and, according to Genesis 25:25, it is a reference to his hairiness at birth.” (Vikas 10)
Annie had one of the most successful runs in a short span in the history of Barnum’s museum. He offered her mother a contract to his museum for another three years. He allotted Annie and her mother $150 weekly salary, which was exorbitant for that period. As an adult Jones became the top bearded lady in the United States and acted as the spokes person for Barnum’s “freaks”, a word she tried to abolish from the business. Annie not only showcased a long luxurious beard but, the hair on her head was estimated to be over six feet long as well. Annie also expanded her talents as well, as she was not content to simply be stared at. She came to be known for her musical skills and gracious etiquette as much as her facial hair. (Vikas

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