Analysis Of I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud By William Wordsworth

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The poem “ I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud” was written by one of the defining poets of the Romantic Movement, William Wordsworth. This poem is an expression through imagery and simplicity describing ordinary encounter, in the most descriptive ways possible. The Use of figurative language allows the audience to get an understanding of how glorious the view of the daffodils would be. This poems use of four, six line stanzas metered with iambic tetrameter gives the poem a swaying tone if recited properly, enforcing the harmony within. “ As a child, he wandered exuberantly through the lovely natural scenery of Cumberland. (“William Wordsworth”). This poem is a beautiful example of self-expression and his love for the outdoors through literary devices. …show more content…
It vividly describes the daffodils as they move in the wind and the waves crash on the shoreline, creating a scene of unity between nature and man. He goes on to state “ A poet could not but be gay, / in such a jocund company: “ (Wordsworth 15-16), allowing the audience to feel the personal connection that is being described. He ends the poem stating how his heart fills with pleasure when he begins to think about the daffodils and their joyful sight, truly reflecting on his sentimental connection to the memory. Being “ repelled by falsehood and spurious imagery” (“William Wordsworth”) I believe that this is why he chose to make his poem so simple to the audience so they could not interpret the meaning of his work wrong, he simply wanted to express how beautiful the sight of the daffodils are though clear description of his

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