Analysis Of `` I, Too `` And `` Theme For English B `` By Langston Hughes

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Langston Hughes was known as an iconic figure in the Harlem Renaissance, basically as the flowering of developing African-American literature and the unique artistic form in the 1920’s in Manhattan. Not only Did Mr. Hughes write promote along with influence African –American Culture, it brought attention to the highlights of African- Americans s they suffered injustice, depression and overall the radical issues we still face today. In his famous poem’s “I, Too” and “Theme for English B” both show how Langston felt towards the political views on equal civil rights and how blacks suffered from the treatment under segregations laws meant for African-Americans. Both of Langston poems use first person speech However the “I” different for each poem. Langton son uses this tactic to highlight and show the purpose of his poems.
In Hughes’ famous poem “I, Too,” you can see the speaker is not an individual or a person as the word “I” implies as it should be. In fact, the “I” represents African-Americans living as a whole in the United States. Hughes writes within His poem “I” am the darker brother” instead of “We are the darker brothers is no accident. (Langston Hughes). This is clearly a direct quote from poem and I am giving him acknowledge me of this citied source, If I had not quoted Langston on his citation and used it as my source that would be a prime example of plagiarism, when citing you always give credit to an author no matter what due to the fact even if you use some of…

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