Analysis Of ' Holden 's ' Essay

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Julia Rosati
Ms. Spano
World Lit & Comp Period F
23 May 2016
Holden’s Weekend
At some point in life we all face hardships that we struggle to overcome. In J.D. Salinger’s realistic fiction novel The Catcher in the Rye, the sixteen year old narrator, Holden Caulfield, is doubting life. Holden has two brothers, D.B. and Allie. His older brother, D.B., is a journalist in Hollywood, and Holden thinks he is a ‘phony’. His younger brother Allie died in 1946 of leukemia at the age of eleven when Holden was thirteen. Holden also has a younger sister Phoebe who is ten years old. He describes her to be the most sympathetic person you could ever meet. Holden’s parents are not spoken about in the book, they are very touchy and do not like personal information shared about them. He begins his story in the year 1948 when he left Pencey Prep in Pennsylvania.
Holden tells about the Saturday of the last football game of the year against Saxon Hall. He was watching the game from the top of Thomsen Hill instead of down at the field because he has just gotten back from New York with the fencing team. They came back at two-thirty because Holden left the equipment on the subway so they could not go to the meet. Holden then says that he got kicked out of Pencey because he was failing four of the five classes he was taking. Holden leaves the game and goes to visit Mr. Spencer, his history teacher, to say goodbye. After, he decides to head back to NYC and stay in the Edmont Hotel before returning…

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