Analysis Of Hawthorne 's ' Young Goodman Brown ' Essay

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Young Goodman Brown

Nathaniel Hawthorne {1804-1864}

Nathaniel Hawthorne 's "Young Goodman Brown" focus on the symbolic colors of the story brought to me today from Ed.Beverly Lawn Boston & New York Bedford/St.Martin 's 2001.The Narrator gives the story a placement in 1690-1691 which involved the Salem Witch Trials and Puritan people way of living ,Hawthorne himself is decent of a puritan with its given history the symbolic of the colors in the story, Color is an important element of symbolism used in readings.

They create scenes in which different events will be taking place. Hawthorne has not only used the colors to set a tone of the narrative but also to describe the personality of the characters. He has succeeded in bringing out emotions and strong feelings through the use of colors. such as Red,Black,White,Pink,Blue and Brown has been used to identify classes of people resulting in segregation and or negative attitude towards a group of people. Many colors have been used in the story and each has a meaning. and for each person, the color differs. start with Faith and her pink ribbons and white clothes.The pink ribbons that Faith puts in her cap represent her purity. The color pink is used to show innocence, and the ribbons themselves are shown to be the modest decoration in her cap. Faith ribbon color is a mix between red and white, red being of lustful passion, white is the purity a color that 's not at all look at sexually, even though puritan woman…

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