Analysis Of ' Harrison Bergeron ' By Kurt Vonnegut Essay

1390 Words Nov 14th, 2016 6 Pages
The short story “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut was about the year 2081 where everyone was equal in every aspect. Those who were brighter, talented or with advantages were provided with handicaps that prevented them from being greater than anyone and equal to everyone. Although that was the literal text there were infinite messages in the story that were not direct, but had a meaning behind the literal text. Some could have understood this text differently based on the information known from the author or whether or not they thought this story was satirical. From what i understood it was satirical, it was full of exaggeration and irony. Furthermore one of the main ideas that caught my attention was beauty because it had a powerful connection with most of the characters and it’s relatable to my generation. It’s hard to imagine a place where beauty is lost in every way because today it matters so much.
While everyone was equal in every aspect, beauty was not recognized in any way. Starting of with the main characters parents, George and Hazel. When Harrison was taken away from George and Hazel they didn’t know exactly what was going on because they could process what was happening . George was brilliant but the handicaps did not allow him to think further and hazel had always been an average thinker. Once Harrison was taken they were home alone and they didn’t show any emotion or love towards each other. Their conversations were minimum and showed no sentiment. It seemed…

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