Analysis Of ' Hamlet ' By William Shakespeare Essay examples

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How can individual conflicts be related to a societal conflict? Often in literature the use of double entendre adds to the depth and meaning of the work. William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” is no different as his use of disease and macabre allows an audience to draw conclusions about Denmark and the corruption that is tearing the state apart. Shakespeare intertwines these minute details precariously throughout the progression of the play, which ultimately portrays a picture of the wrong doings that devastated the integrity of the state. These physical aspects, which harm characters in the play, lead to one questioning their uprightness finally leading to the unwinding of a doomed state.
Over the course of the play, the state of Denmark is ridiculed by corruption and immoral actions. From the beginning, this becomes evident when Hamlet returns home for his father’s funeral only to discover that his mother remarried his father’s brother Claudius. This new marriage enrages Hamlet as he finds the relationship to be incestuous. Adding to Hamlet’s anger, he learns Claudius has also taken the throne for himself and disregarded that Hamlet is truly in line for the throne. These two actions taken by Claudius greatly affect the entire state as it fuels Hamlets desire to seek answers and revenge against those who have done them wrong. Ultimately Marcellus, who is just an officer, confides in Horatio whom is a dear friend of Hamlet that “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark”(1.4.67).…

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