Analysis Of George Washington 's Farewell Address Essay

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After serving two terms as president and upon making the decision to retire from his public life, George Washington stepped down as the President of the United States and gave his Farewell Address in 1796. Washington could have kept going as president, as he had won many other reelections; but he believed that it was time for him to let someone else lead the country, as presidential status is "not a life office" (Foner 231). In his Farewell Address, taking into consideration the history and the current state and formation of the country, he expressed his concerns for the country through three major key points: the importance of patriotism and the Union, how falling into a two party system will negatively affect that Union, and the importance of staying out of international politics and forming permanent alliances with other nations. Through his expressed concerns for America lies a hopeful undertone for the country. He believed that if his countrymen were to follow his recommended advice, America would continue to thrive. Foner explains that the revolution happened at three levels which are "the struggle for national independence, a phase in a century-long global battle among European empires, and a conflict over what kind of nation an independent America should be" (Foner 169). Before the American Revolution, the country was fighting for liberty, and freedom as the British Empire was putting many restrictions and limitations on the so-called freedom, of the American…

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