Essay on Analysis Of George Percy 's Article

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George Percy 's article was a primary of the experiences and hardships the settlers had when they first landed in Jamestown, Virginia in 1609.

In the Examination of Ann Foster, the woman Anne Foster, confesses to being a witch. The author is a witness to her confession, making it a primary source. The author is trying to create a scene in Oregon during the Salem Witch Trials, and he does this by writing about Anne Foster 's experiences. The audience are the common people (citizens) who were waiting to see whether or not Foster would confess. Her confession began as follows: First, a bird came to her and promised her that if she followed him, that she would be successful. She thought it was the Devil himself. Foster claimed that it was the Goody Carrier who was to blame for her being a witch. Also, Foster was accused of making dolls and putting pins in them, which people believed was witchcraft. After days of accusation, Anne Foster admits her guilt just to end the trial.

John Winthrop 's "A Model of Christian Charity" is about the Puritans who were sent off from England to the New World. The author is John Winthrop, and his audience are the Puritans who are heading to America. The purpose of this writing was to lay down the law, so to speak. Meaning that because they were off to uncharted territory, there had to be some ground rules laid out before they got there. There were also many others who were going to look up to their colony one day, so it was important to set an…

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