Essay about Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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George Orwell once wrote “Who controls the past, controls the future. Who controls the present, controls the past" (Zinn 89). The notable quote holds a lot of wisdom, and a message of exercising caution when it comes to history. Dominant ideologies and views of history have had calamitous consequences when gone unchallenged by society. Marchak discusses who creates and controls the dominant ideology in contemporary society, as they are the ones ‘who control the present’. As the dominant ideology grows on a society, it makes it harder to challenge it. Free though is constantly celebrated and fought for in first world countries such as ours, but counter-ideologies are suppressed when inconvenient for those in control of the present. Zinn illustrates the oppression in his piece about the native and the colonialist perspective of Columbus’ story. The colonialist of today continue to provide Christopher Columbus with delusions of self-grandeur, and conveniently exclude the Native’s side of the story. However this is not the only case of using history as a tool of self-validation as McNeill explains, it has been done numerous times by historians and led to many wars and genocides. History can effortlessly become a falling domino if no one disputes it.

Dominant Ideology IS. Marchak focuses on ‘who controls the present’ and how they control the dominant ideology. In his piece Ideology and Social Organization, he defines dominant ideology as “… that particular set of ideas,…

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