Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' The And Big Brother ' Essay example

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Published in 1949 and set a mere 35 years into the future, 1984 told of George Orwell‘s cynical foreshadowing of the impending threat to democracy in an apprehensive post-World War II period. 1984 is set in the oppressive, dystopian society of Oceania, where the state, led by the omnipotent figurehead of ‘Big Brother’, governs the lives of the individuals in order to influentially fashion a community of conformism. Orwell successfully illustrates the tension within power through the lens of a frail protagonist, reminiscent setting, and narrative suspense. Themes are explored that exemplify the interplay of power in terms of political work: the fabrication of history, psychological manipulation, the practice of totalitarian government, and most importantly, the elimination of language. Significant symbols and motifs, such as Doublethink, ‘Newspeak’, and Big Brother, also efficiently aid in demonstrating the concept of power in political terms.

To guarantee a good standing reputation– a fundamental requirement for totalitarian authority - The Party controls every source of information; they counterfeit, alter, and fabricate any signs of evidence that hinders the current story with which they are proselytizing the public. In Orwell’s novella, any individuals who possess documents or photographs from the past are forcefully removed or ‘vaporized’ from the society, “making murder respectable” for political uses. As a result, verification of memories from the past becomes…

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