Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' 1984 ' Essay

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Orwell’s 1984 1984, written by George Orwell, published in 1949 history actually begins in a letter he wrote to Mr. Wilmette in May 1944. This tragic period of the war, with the constant bombing of London, and the unknowing if the allies were on the verge of invading the continent or the Nazi invasion of England would be forthcoming. George Orwell fear that Hitler was soon to be replaced with a greater tyrant, Stalin, the influence of Anglo-American millionaires and with petty wars throughout the globe. The spread of socialist movements would increase throughout Europe because of the movement towards,” centralized economies.” Centralized economies are not democratically evolved therefore a social hierarchy takes over. The English having lived under basic military rule for the last five years, have come to know, with security comes a lack of freedom. With this in mind, the citizens are prepared for covert police, authoritarian rule, and even the rewriting of history, as long as it works in their favor. George Orwell felt it was just a choice of evils, British imperialism is not to his liking but he would support British imperialism over Germany or Japanese imperialism. As for Russia, philosophies of the revolution give a greater hope for its people than what took place in Nazi Germany. Orwell’s final thought was to make things better you have to be able to criticize the government (George Orwell).
After the First World War, the general feeling among the young…

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