Essay about Analysis Of George Orwell 's ' 1984 '

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(Metaphor). The true purpose of Orwell 's 1984 is a hot topic that is still up for debate. Some say that it 's purpose is to warn the future that women are the reason for the downfall of society or that the characters followed throughout the novel represent a more modern version of Adam and Eve. In contrast Orwell spends a great portion of the text showing the reader how powerful and dangerous the torment of a man 's mind could pose. History shows that time and time again an oppressive power rises up and takes advantage the weakness of a man 's mind in order to achieve their goal of domination. This may even extend into today 's modern world as prison systems in society use solitary confinement units to completely isolate misbehaving inmates in order to gain control over them. In the text it is unveiled that torture alone is not the only means to breaking a man 's mind as Orwell uses repetition of certain slogans and phrases that are branded into the minds of the people in Oceania and the effects of doublethink to show how this effective method can achieve control. The end result of all this torment and psychology to eventually leave anyone as an empty shell to do nothing more than what is it ordered to. The true purpose of this novel was to warn of the power a totalitarian government can have when it destroys the minds of its enemies because with no one to stand in the way they will achieve their power over anyone.

George Orwell 's 1984 is a novel written in 1948 about…

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