Analysis Of George Orwell 's 1984 Essay

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How Close is Society To Big Brother
As Technology grows more and more advanced every day we evolve in the daily activities that we tend not to notice now and days. But of course, when new technology is made so are ways to use them for crime and destruction. So we also had to adapt to this new change so the government has used the new technology to protect its U.S Citizen ensuring their safety. In George Orwell 's Book 1984, The government is said to control it populous: we are going to see if it 's possible and how it 's done. We will decide whether that 's our future or not.
Surveillance Technology is one of the key essentials in security and making sure all is going how it should. In Orwell 's 1984 , It is stated on how its Government Big Brother controls what the people do, how to live their lives, and for what purpose they are here for. Whatever innovative technology is made it 's for the Party only. One way people are kept in check is by the Telescreen. The telescreen is a T.V set in the living room or any room most commonly used by the people and it watches your every move.”It was terribly dangerous to let your thoughts wander when you were in any public place or within the range of a telescreen. The smallest thing could give you away. A nervous tic, an unconscious look of anxiety, a habit of muttering to yourself – anything that carried with it the suggestion of abnormality, of having something to hide” (Orwell 62). In today 's world technology is at the forefront of…

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