Analysis Of Francois Villon And Matsuo Bash ?ĺ Essay

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People set forth on a new journey for exploring unknowns, and a journey could always help them in knowing what they want inwardly. François Villon and Matsuo Bashō have gained tremendous inspirations while travelling/exiling, and both of them hope to be free spiritually. However, they do have various different altitudes since they are from different cultures and have different religious beliefs. But to some extent, Villon and Bashō have the same value towards death. From François Villon’s poems, he expresses that everything in life is unpredictable, except death. Nothing can return to its origin since the past is gone forever, regardless of one’s socio-economic status, wealth or beauty. From The Narrow Road to the Deep North, Matsuo Bashō expresses how he feels about life through his haiku, and illuminates that everything in life is mujō (transient), which could not last eternally. These two different books explore how François Villon and Matsuo Bashō view death through the elaboration of their experiences. As poets, both François Villon and Matsuo Bashō express their feelings through their poems vividly. Now that one’s thought is shaped by their own past experiences, Villon’s and Bashō’s poetries reveal tremendous facts about the societies in which they live. During 1337-1453, France was experiencing the Hundred Years War, which is the third longest war in world history. (Wikipedia) In this period of time, many people were suffering and living in misery, and there were…

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