Analysis Of For My Birthday By Yehuda Amichai Essay

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To what extent does Yehuda Amichai use symbolism to convey his own personal religious views in his poems?

Deemed one of the most renowned poets of the twentieth century, Yehuda Amichai was well known and celebrated for the controversial topics and issues regarding religion and corruption discussed in the majority of his poems. Amichai, was raised in a strict Orthodox Jewish family, his cultural background served as inspiration in poems such as, but not limited to: “For My Birthday,” “Jerusalem Is Full of Used Jews,” and “When I Was Young, the Whole Country Was Young.” Amichai was keen on using metaphorical symbolism to convey his very own elaborate and underlying viewpoint on the subject of his piece. However, the symbolic techniques Amichai left behind in each of his poems leave room for the reader to form their own interpretation of what is he was trying to express or the message he’s was passing on.
In “For My Birthday,” Amichai conveys the crucial idea of the poem through symbolic comparisons and indirect references. For example, he exemplifies his feelings of not being able to conform to the world around him in the second stanza: “ Thirty-two times I put on the world and still it does not fit me. It weighs me down,” Amichai explains that there was a detrimental point in his life where he felt as though he was living to please others, wearing a mask at all times and shying away from genuine beliefs. He felt as though the revelation of these would only single him out…

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