Analysis Of ' Fight Club ' By Tyler Durden Essay

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Fight Club is about how consumerism and the effects of consumerism cause people to live repressed lives where we work long hours for money to buy things that we think will make us happy. Tyler Durden is the narrator’s fantasy about what an unrepressed man who fights this system might be like, so in some ways Tyler represents a potential answer to the problem of consumerism. He is the person the narrator wishes he was. Tyler is, however, dangerous and even self-destructive, so Fight Club warns us about the potentially negative effects of Tyler’s ideology even as it suggests that he represents a way to resist consumerist, capitalist culture. Essentially, the duality of the narrator, his two personalities, demonstrates the alienation from oneself and the potentially destructive desire for freedom that can be unhealthy reactions to the social ills of consumerism.

The first half of the split personality is the narrator, and his personality reflects the potential emotional effects of consumerism on those who participate in it. The narrator is nameless because his experiences can be reflected on anyone of us, making him an “everyman”. The narrator works a job that he feels nothing for and that causes him to travel to many destinations without feeling a connection to any of them. The narrator says, “You wake up at O’Hare. You wake up at LaGuardia. You wake up at Logan” (25). He wakes up at different airports meaning that he is always flying around to different places to work, but…

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