Analysis Of Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury

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Meet the Author Ray Bradbury is a renowned writer who published over five-hundred different pieces of literature, such as numerous books, screen plays, operas, and poems. Bradbury impacted many people from his writings, influencing them to think of the future and focus on their dreams. Ray Bradbury was born on August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois. Born into a poor family of seven, he used writing to entertain himself as a young child through his teen years. He had a great imagination and had an interest in magicians, reading, and adventure, which later inspired his writing. In 1947 Ray Bradbury published his first book, Dark Carnival, soon after, in 1950, he published his second book, The Martian Chronicles. Around the age of thirty Ray …show more content…
The significance of May 10, 1933, the day Hitler and his army burned the libraries in Alexandria. The impact on Ray Bradbury was highly effective. It was because of 1933 that inspires Ray Bradbury to write and symbolizes Fahrenheit 451. The picture of book burning inspires Ray Bradbury to write Fahrenheit 451 as an attempt to show that if people do not do anything about society’s behavior the next generation will follow that example, making it harder for Ray Bradbury to make his point about changing before it is too late. He notices that people were changing and books did not seem to be appealing as they were before technology started changing. Ray Bradbury predicted that humans would keep advancing in technology and the people of earth would see books as a waste of space which today they do. In Fahrenheit 451 no authors of book are seen or heard during all the book destruction. In the Nazi Book Burning many authors were alive when their book was destroyed. The destroyed books, mostly caused people not to want to write anymore. To know that a writer took a long time to write a book, only to be unappreciated and have their work burned made it seem like they are outcast, “anti-social” or people who did not want to change. The Nazi book burning was only “to synchronize professional and cultural organizations with Nazi ideology and policy” to create a censorship government. Hitler is one of the very first in history to attempt a country wide utopian by burning books which was really attempting

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