Analysis Of Fahrenheit 451 By Ray Bradbury Essay

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Nonconformity is the refusal to obey society, being distinctive to oneself. To conform one must act in accordance with their society. In Fahrenheit 451, the society is made for there to be one type of person, which is a conformer. In this book, conformers are not to read books, nor to convey themselves, for it is offensive to others. Non-conformers homes and books are to be burnt, and the possessors of the books are to go to jail or to get killed. In Fahrenheit 451, written by Ray Bradbury, there are people who are conformers such as Mildred and Mrs. Bowles and there are non-conformers like Faber. Mildred is a prime example of a conformer in Fahrenheit 451. This society turned her into a drone, she has been convinced that it is wrong to read books and to communicate with others, because this society has taught her to live this way. Instead of Mildred communicating with others, she sits in the parlor watching T.V. with her “family” (which is just the people who are on the shows that she watches). Mildred constantly has seashells in her ears, which she listens to as she sleeps. Mildred has major melancholy, because she lives in a world where people are not permitted to express themselves or read books, and she lives in a world with no ambition, and no feeling. Mildred lives in a world where there is no point to life, where no one is accepted as a real human being. Mildred looks for matters to fill the vacancy in her heart. “Montag started to speak twice and then finally…

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