Analysis Of ' Fahrenheit 451, By Ray Bradbury Essay

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Visualize a society in which everything is abnormal and extreme in an unpleasant way. A life where technology has taken over the population. A life where everyone is equal and there is no freedom and individuality. Or, maybe a life where the third child is illegal. Dystopias, texts and films, display just how unpleasant life could become because of one problem that the majority of the population creates. One way an author makes a text or film a dystopia, is their use of style. This important factor allows the author to put forward their own opinions about today’s society through their commentary. In Among the Imposters, by Margaret Peterson Haddix, Fahrenheit 451, by Ray Bradbury, and 2081, by Chandler Tuttle, there is a dystopian society with a main character trying to gain their individuality beck after having it taken away by the government. With the use of style and commentary, these creators have been able to display just how dangerous the future society can become based on the choices made by the general population today.
Part 1: The Social Commentary and Style with Fahrenheit 451
In Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury covers how technology has overtaken the reading of books and the effect it has on the society today. He includes and enhances the idea that people do not read books. In this novel, it is clear that people do not read because reading books “is against the law” (5). Incorporating the idea that books are illegal shows how quickly books can get erased because of how…

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