Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's My Life Had Stood- A Loaded Gun

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Poetry is often defined as a “literary work that uses a distinctive style of writing to express an idea or feelings.” Emily Dickinson’s “My Life had stood- a Loaded Gun” serves to be one of the most controversial poems as many individuals take on various interpretations on the work of art. Several readers regarded the poem as demonstrating the inferiority of women to men, which was prevalent during the nineteenth century in which the poem was written. Other readers found the poem to be a feminist statement that represents “women making a claim to great and lethal power” (Priddy 232). However, Dickinson’s “My Life had stood- a Loaded Gun” communicates how poetry possess a great and lethal power due to its ability to kill, but its inability to die. Her outlook on the form of writing is expressed through her incorporation of symbolism, usage of an extended metaphor, presentation of the theme of dependency, and tone. The symbolism presented in “My Life had stood- a Loaded Gun” demonstrates how the overall idea of vast and deadly power refers to the art of writing, particularly poetry. When it comes to writing a poem, it requires both a poet and a type of utensil. The poet is the one who is capable of creating a powerful, influential form of writing through the usage of a utensil, which in the case of the poem is a pen. Emily Dickinson, who is one of the nineteenth century’s greatest and significant poets, can support the idea that poetry itself can be persuasive with just a…

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