Essay about Analysis Of Emily Dickinson 's ' I Like A Look Of Death '

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Emily Dickinson was one of the most extraordinary writers of the nineteenth century. She was born in 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts and died at the age of 56 in her house. After her death, her Sister Lavinia found Emily’s collection of 1800 poems and published them; to the point that it is extremely hard to place her in any single convention. She appears to originate from all over the place, and no place immediately. Her idyllic structure, with her standard four-line stanzas, ABCB rhyme plans is clearly gotten from Psalms and Protestant songs, however; Dickinson so altogether appropriates the structures mediating her own particular long, cadenced dashes intended to intrude on the meter and demonstrate short delays. That the likeness appears to be very black out (Bianchi). In many of Dickenson poems, we can clearly see that “death” one of the things that she references a lot. Such is the case of her poems “I like a Look of Death” (Emily 241), “A clock” (Emily 278), and “Because I could not stop death” (Emily 712).
In the first poem “I like a look of death” we can see that Dickinson depicts death as part of nature itself, the overall name of the title is a clue as to what the poems will be. This poem is composed of only two stanzas of four sentences each, and at the very beginning of the poem we can already see why Dickinson chose such a title, she says that she likes the look of agony on a person’s face when dying because she knows it is genuine and the person cannot pretend…

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