Essay on Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' The Raven '

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Edgar Allan Poe Research This paper is to help readers understand, comprehend, and show them more about one of the many different forms of poetry specifically by looking at, Edgar Allan Poe’s life, the historical period or social context that the poem “The Raven” was written, the poems physical structure, its literal meaning, poetic and literary devises, the theme in the poem, and the evaluation and conclusion. Edgar Allan Poe, originally Edgar Poe, was born in 1809 and before his third year of life he was orphaned. Now long after though he was adopted by a wealthy Richmond business man by the name of John Allan, hence the name Allan. Poe received most of his primary schooling in Richmond and then England which was followed by a brief and very unsuccessful stay at the University of Virginia. After that he joined the army and stayed in it for two years after which he was appointed to West Point in 1830 but within a year he was expelled for cutting class. He moved to Baltimore and lived with his grandmother, aunt, and cousin, which he married in 1835, when she was thirteen. Poe stared his writing career as an editor; his keen-edge reviews earned him a lot of literary enemies. His two book series “Tales of the Grotesque and Arabesque”, when published in 1839 received little critical attention, but his poem ‘The Raven”, which was written in 1844, made him a literary celebrity. In 1847 disaster struck Poe when his wife died of tuberculosis, already an alcoholic, Poe became…

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