Essay on Analysis Of Edgar Allan Poe 's ' Annabel Lee '

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Edgar Allan Poe’s 19th century poem “Annabel Lee,” is an elegy that Poe wrote about a lover he once had. The speaker Poe used talks about his lover as if they had grown up together and met when they were young in a “kingdom by the sea.” and how madly in love they were until “A wind blew out of a cloud…”, making this lover sick and eventually killing her. The moody, melancholy, Poe-like speaker in this poem is devastated by this, seeing as she was the love of his life, and he blames the angels above for taking her, claiming them to be jealous of the epic love they shared. Poe romanticizes this scene by using several gothic particulars, for instance when the speaker watches as Annabel Lee’s relatives come and take her away, putting her in the sepulcher. We know that the speaker did not actually see relatives come from the skies and take his lover from him. Though his lover had passed on, the speaker makes it clear that not even death could part the two, for he sees her in his dreams and in the stars, and every night, he lays at her sepulcher. In “Annabel Lee”, Poe chose a singsong rhythm that helps support the depressing, eerie subject of this piece. Poe used both anapest and iambic meters throughout the poem that give us the singsong rhythm that Poe created. By the end of this poem, it is clear that this speaker is a bit crazy by the choices of imagery used and the creepiness of the overall poem.
“Annabel Lee” is made up of six stanzas; stanzas one, two, and four having…

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