Analysis Of Dracula And The Vampire Diaries

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“But as she bites into his neck and he feels a burning poisonous venom seeping through his veins paralyzing his every muscle… he realizes the answer to it all!” (Skal 336) From the very beginning, vampires were obsessed with human blood. Their craving for blood is a sign of lust and emotions. They develop different emotions when they are surrounded by blood. Sometimes the emotions are good, for example if they smell blood and they are able to taste it. Also, sometimes the emotions are bad, for example if they smell blood but had to resist it. The emotional appeal of horror for vampires is their thirst for blood.
The movie Dracula which was produced in 1931, and directed by Tod Browning. In Dracula a character named Renfield takes a ride through
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I found it interesting that for the past it was majorly know for vampires to sleep during the day and wander around during the night. Which was displayed in the Dracula in 1931, he brought his coffin everywhere he traveled so that he could sleep at night. However, in The Vampire Diaries the vampires seemed to have formed their own tradition. The vampires could sleep whenever they pleased, however just like the vampires back in the day could not be caught in the sunlight. The Vampires Diaries had a twist were they couldn’t only go out into the sun, unless they possessed a daylight ring which was created by only special …show more content…
In Dracula as well as The Vampire Diaries when a vampire bits their victim they have the ability to compel them. In Dracula, he was able to control different people; for example; he was able to compel the maid to remove the plants and open the door so that he could turn Mina into a vampire. In The Vampire Diaries, a vampire named Damon was able to compel the girls that he’s bitten to do whatever he wanted; or forget whatever just happened. Also, the vampires in Dracula and The Vampire Diaries could turn you into a vampire as long as you have their vampire blood in your

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