Analysis of Diving Into the Wreck Essay

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Analysis of Diving Into the Wreck

There are many poems in today’s literature that are detailed and paint a picture for the reader. A poem that really stands out is Diving Into the Wreck by Adrienne Rich. Rich is a well known poet born 1929 in Baltimore, Maryland (Milne). She is a very influential poet in the subjects of feminism and the rights of women. Rich’s literary work was released in the early 1970’s which was a trivial and controversial time in the rights of women. Her poem, Diving Into the Wreck is descriptive and at first glance it seems like many basic poems one may read. However, with some intensive reading one realizes that there is more to this work of literary art than meets the eye. An accurate theoretical meaning of this
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Rich goes on using imagery to paint a picture of how the supply of oxygen in her tank is keeping her alive. This of course figuratively means that a force is keeping her motivated. She is possibly speaking of all the women around the world who are fighting for her rights. Her “mask” keeping her alive actually means that the importance of women’s rights and all the women she is fighting for keeps her going. Rich continues in lines forty-five to sixty to speak about actually getting deep into the ocean and thinking about all the others who have explored there. She mentions “exploring the wreck” in line fifty-five. “Exploring the wreck” is an allusion for her journey in fighting for women’s rights. She goes on to mention all the good things that will come out of her fight. In the next lines up to line seventy, she inches away from the figurative aspect and speaks in a more literal sense. Line seventy reads “among the tentative haunters”. This clearly means those that wish to degrade the rights of women and those that “haunt” or keep women back by diminishing their role in society. Rich could possibly be speaking of men. The ending of the poem continues unveiling the meaning of the poem ever so slightly. Rich compares herself to a mermaid and a merman simultaneously. She is using allusion to give herself the persona of a man to be strong while at the same time using the persona of a woman to describe beauty and grace. Rich goes on to describe “circling the wreck”

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