Essay on Analysis Of Dillard 's Inc.

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II. Analysis of the External Environment
Dillard 's, Inc. has established retail department stores located mostly in the Southern and Midwestern regions of the United States. The Organization offers name brand and private-label merchandise, including fashion apparel and home furnishings. SIC Code 5311(Dillard’s)- This category includes retail stores carrying a general line of apparel, from men’s suits, outer ware, women’s clothing, casual ware and home furnishings, such as furniture, home decor, towels or linens, and major household appliances; and housewares, such as home appliances, dishes, and utensils all of must be sold to classify for proper coding. NAICS Code- 452110 (Dillard’s) - These products and other merchandise has specific departments with the accounting on a departmentalized basis. A single management team oversees the work functions of these departments. The stores usually provide their own charge accounts, deliver merchandise, and maintain open stocks. These stores normally have 50 employees or more. With little change of economic profit to revenue rank, management at Dillard’s is not improving its capital allocation when compared to others. Since the recession, Dillard’s has decreased the amount of storefronts within the market and has moved into the discount store market to attempt to capitalize on the lower range of income households. Because of this change in strategy and decrease in profit margins economist have stated the life-cycle stage is…

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