Analysis Of Daniel C. Dennett 's ' Where Am I ' Essays

1466 Words Oct 24th, 2014 6 Pages
Persons, Minds, Bodies
Michael Fatigati

On Daniel C. Dennett 's Conception of Personal Identity Daniel C. Dennett is a prolific American philosopher primarily concerned with topics regarding the philosophy of mind, science, and biology. Within that scope, he holds a particular interest in the issue of personal identity. In his quirky science-fiction adventure cum thought experiment, Dennett explores this rather daunting issue through the discussion of personal location. In this paper, I will examine Dennett 's conception of what determines personal spacial location, and critically evaluate the ideas that his article offers. I will do this in five distinct steps. I will begin by providing a summary of his story “Where Am I?”. Following my description, I will present the three different views of the relationship between the mind and the body that he considers within the story. Then, I will begin my critical analysis by postulating what view seems to be the most plausible and explain why. Furthermore, I will discuss any problems I have with the ideas discussed within the story by first explaining what does not make sense to me, and finally providing critical thoughts and objections that can be levelled against Dennett 's article. The article begins with Dennett being asked by the Pentagon to undertake a mission in which he must retrieve a radioactive warhead lodged “about a mile deep under Tulsa, Oklahoma”.1 As the warhead 's radioactive rays only negatively…

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