1.07 Critical Thinking Questions

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Question 1:
I felt like he describes himself as a well-educated, respectable young man that was disturbed by the stereotyping other people apply to him, such as being a criminal. The people around him, especially young woman, were terrified by him when he went for evening walks, the jeweler brought out a Doberman Pincher when he entered the jewelry store and an officer mistook him for a criminal and tried to arrest him. I liked how he started walking in highly populated areas and whistling so he appeared less threatening.

Question 3:
Mr. Staples,
My biggest fear is ongoing. It started when I was around 6 years old and I was made fun of by two girls I thought were friends. Until then, we had grown up together. The other girls were also homeschooled
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Classes were every Monday for 7.5 hours and I was excited! I had decided to make new friends and learn how to do public speaking since it was a “safe environment.” After the first week I was hopeful there would be a way to overcome this fear. At the end of the second day, however, one girl had already told me “I wish you were not here. I wish you would not come back so it was just the people I grew up with.” I was disappointed, but the teacher had heard her, so my parents and I hoped the teacher would do something about it. Nothing happened. A few weeks later we did a recitation of the Bill of Rights. I completed it and ignored the girl’s comments. In August my little sister Rachael, who is two years younger that I am, left class a few minutes early because I had to be at work at 3:30 and she was asked to help that day. I was made fun of by most of the class when that girl overheard me tell my teacher why I had to leave early. I work at SunnyTrails as a Trail Guide and they thought it was absurd that I liked working there. At SunnyTrials I was able to build my confidence a little bit because I was expected

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