Analysis Of Carol Ann Duffy 's ' An Interview With Barry Wood '

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In an interview with Barry Wood, Carol Ann Duffy articulated how enthralled she had become with the form of ‘Thetis’ and this extra attention is certainly evident within the poem. For example, in the second stanza Thetis becomes more empowered and the abrupt and direct opening statement ‘Then I did this:’ reflects her new found assertive nature. It is as if Thetis is almost commanding the reader to listen to her story. Further, Duffy’s use of a colon reiterates this firm tone as it mimics the structure of a list, something associated with control, power and organisation. Throughout the poem there are many formal structures such as this which, in accumulation, reiterate and add an intriguing depth to the poem’s articulated message.
Duffy’s use of free verse is intrinsically linked to the poem’s meaning as it reflects the transient form of the protagonist. For example, Thetis opens the poem by telling the reader how ‘I shrank myself/ to the size of a bird in the hand/of a man.’ These lines do not fit any traditional meter or rhythm and seem to be as volatile and fleeting as her situation. Naturally, the enjambment reiterates this fleeting form as it is as if Thetis is running away from her husband both in life and on the page. This use of free verse to reflect the poem’s content is seen again through the lines ‘I sank through the floor of the earth/ to swim in the sea’. The repetition of solid, dull sounds is almost onomatopoeic, sounding like a sinking stone, and is in…

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