Analysis Of `` By David Balfour Essay

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In Kidnapped, David Balfour is a young Whig that decides to seek his share of inheritance after his father’s death. In David’s time period, Whigs were loyal under the king after the Glorious Revolution while Jacobites looked to restore the previous king. After arriving at his uncle’s house, however, David discovers that he is unwanted company and his uncle’s plan to sell him into slavery. The story unfolds as he is tricked onto the slave ship and later meets a Jacobite named Alan Breck. They go through a series of events that both threaten and build their friendship. In order to demonstrate that loyalty surpasses any unfavorable situations, Stevenson portrays two characters with clashing ideologies and backgrounds that eventually resolve their conflicts to become friends. In times of danger, David is willing to change his perspective for Alan’s safety. While Alan engages in a fierce sword fight with one of the pirates, David worriedly prepared himself for a battle of bullets. David thinks, “As for hope, I had none; but only a darkness of despair and a sort of anger against all the world that made me long to sell my life as dear as I was able… as I turned back to my place, I saw him pass his sword through the mate’s body” (62). Alan is straightforward and unhesitant because he is used to bloody conflict as a Jacobite; his mission to restore the true heirs contains inevitable physical turmoils. On the other hand, David has lived a relatively peaceful life. The fact that David…

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