Essay on Analysis Of ' Broke But Unbroken ' By Augusta Dwyer

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“Every time Paulo Barros da Silva planted a fruit tree, concealed within the woods covering the huge ranch where he worked, his boss managed to find and destroy it” this passage highlights the theme of the struggle against systems of poverty that plague the people engaged in the social movements throughout ‘Broke but Unbroken’ by Augusta Dwyer (Dwyer 2011 iBook, loc. 31). This depicts how predominant forces can destroy and obstruct the success of people regardless of how much effort goes into building them up.
The book provides a detailed depiction of how mobilizations of the poor and their activities can challenge the perception of the poor across different geographical locations can challenge the dominant forces of society and bring about fundamental change. This leads to the individually shared experience of poor people generating a mass mobilization movement, displaying t he power of the poor.
The author details the movements and actions of several grassroots social movements and how they are mobilizing not simply because of their shared poverty but to challenge the perception of poverty, the way in which it is dealt with and the powerful state and private interests that allow poverty to persist. The book depicts the struggle for adequate land, housing, food and the ability to organize and govern production, alleviating poverty from the ground up. Augusta Dwyer highlights “the day-to-day struggle, and the power of the masses” in the fight against the severe poverty and…

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