Analysis Of ' Briar Rose ' Essay

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Briar rose and Maleficent
Folktales are always the representation of traditional stories. The printed version in which children of nowadays read are called fairytales (Widdowson). One of the popular tales is the story of “sleeping beauty” originally known as briar rose, which was published by the Grimm brothers. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm were popular for their fairy tales including briar rose and lily and the lion; they also contributed to the study of different languages. Jacob was born in the year 1785 and died in the year 1863, while Wilhelm was born in the year 1786 and dies in the year 1859 (Holtze). A lot of film makers have adapted the story of sleeping beauty in movies; one of them is maleficent. Maleficent, a 2014 Disney’s movie, was adapted from the 1812 version of Grimm brother’s briar rose. Maleficent was directed by, and it featured popular actors like Angelina Jolie, Elle fanning, and Sam riley (Corliss). Although the Grimm briar rose is interesting, Disney’s maleficent is more attractive to audience.
In most fairy tales, characters are represented as either good or bad and people are expected to accept each character the way they are without asking why a character is evil or decent. Unlike Grimm’s briar rose, maleficent gave a depth explanation on why the villain was evil; therefore, audiences were urged to known why a character was presented as either bad or good. From the movie, Maleficent could have grown up as a very nice lady if she was not betrayed by…

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