Jonathan Harker's Description Of Dracula

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Dracula: From Simple Monster to Global Threat

Bram Stoker’s Dracula explains the story of a vampire living in Transylvania attacking Westerners both physically and psychologically. This novel is written under different formats (in telegraphs, journal entries, and plain narrative entries). The protagonists describe their time with the Dracula, and their experiences with him. The reader first perceives Dracula as a simple monster attacking young innocent women. However, later on in the story, we see that Dracula has other evil intentions such as infecting and controlling many people. The vampire desires to travel to London and recruits a broker, Jonathan Harker, to help him move to England. In the late XIX century, England and Romania
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This describes his intentions a lot clearer. He lures his victim, Jonathan Harker, by inviting him in his mansion. Dracula on the other hand is also human. He seems sympathetic, and politely expresses himself. He carefully plans his intentions and carries them out seamlessly. Dracula, in the human aspects, represents Romania and its desire to achieve the same standards (social, economic, and technological advancement) as England. In some way, we can perceive Dracula as a diplomat representing his country. Let us now understand why Dracula wants to travel to London and what he seeks from it. London attracts many minds and leads the way for modern advancements. In the mid XIX century, Europe experienced an industrial revolution that has modernized every sector in the workforce. This revolution brought forth a new era in society and in the economics sector. In addition, it made many question their former society’s principles and doctrines. However, this wave of modernization only affected the western countries in Europe and left the eastern countries in the dark. Dracula, being the lord of Transylvania, desires for his country to keep up with the ever-changing times in London. Given his personality, Dracula will do so by any means necessary to achieve his goal to arrive at London and infect as many as he can. This would symbolize that London is the breeding ground and center for fresh young minds, and that Dracula is desperate

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