Analysis Of Blue Winds Dancing By Tom Whitecloud Essay

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Personal Analysis of Blue Winds Dancing The short story, Blue Winds Dancing by Tom Whitecloud is about a young Native American’s struggle to exist in both the white mans world and the Native American world. The narrator of the story perceives these two different worlds as the civilized and uncivilized America. This short story is an example of a human existence and communicates the importance of young Native American’s cultural struggle to fit into the white world within the history of America. This struggle is a direct link to the whites battling and conquering the Native American to create the civilized white man’s world. The young Native American yearns to return to the familiarity of home when he encounter may foreign concepts, he perceives as the trappings of civilization on his way home for the holidays. Whitecloud use structure, theme, and tone in the first person point of view to give us a look into the intercultural struggles of college students. According to our notes structure is “the intentional placement and arrangement of the story’s material” (Rossback 3). Whitecloud use the five elements of structure, exposition, complication, climax, falling action and resolution in Freytag’s model to create a sense of chronological order to Blue Winds Dancing (Rossback 6). Rearranging the story would create disorder and chaos. Whitecloud sets up the exposition in the first eleven paragraphs of the story. A young native American attending college in California yearning…

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