Analysis Of Bell Hook 's Work Makes Life Sweet And Malcom Gladwell 's The Physical Genius

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Bell Hook’s “Work Makes Life Sweet” and Malcom Gladwell’s “The Physical Genius” both describe the characteristics that allow someone to do a job both proficiently and enjoyably. An underpaid, underrepresented black woman at the time of Hook’s writing would have virtually no chance of enjoying what they do; which is a prime component of what Gladwell describes as a characteristic of all physical geniuses. Hook’s examples of the women who were living the “right livelihood” weren’t doing conventional, low paying jobs that black women could work at the time. These women were working unconventional jobs like fishing or ironing, which may seem simple, but was their own choice and they loved what they did and performed it amazingly. Gladwell’s examples described a special feel about their profession, which is very reminiscing of the right livelihood described by Hooks. Gladwell described his idea of the physical genius as a group of people who were the very best at what they chose to do and all had similar characteristics that enabled them to be exemplary at it. Similar to the concept of right livelihood, Gladwell’s examples of physical geniuses all shared a passion and “special feel” for the profession they dedicated their lives to. Both writings, while going in separate directions to show similar points. Having the freedom to choose your own career regardless of wealth, race, or gender, and the right to pursue what your calling is in life allows work to make life sweet. Hooks…

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