Analysis Of ' Babylon Revisited ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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A writer’s job is to use words to immerse a reader into a world of adventure and thought. To be able to do this requires great skills and many years of writing experience. F. Scott Fitzgerald was such a person who dedicatedly wrote through poems and plays during his earlier years and fiction later on, to convey little bits of himself in his writing. In his short story, “Babylon Revisited,” he uses the power of words to transport readers through feelings of an experience he knows personally. The main character of his story, Charlie, reflects Fitzgerald himself and his struggle as a former alcoholic who changed for the sake of his family. Throughout the story, Fitzgerald uses his writing to connect the intensity of the emotions he must have felt to his readers. “Babylon Revisited” shows Fitzgerald’s clever use of writing style to prod at a readers mind and emotions, and to portray an evidence of change within and outside of a story.
Fitzgerald divides “Babylon Revisited” into five parts, enabling him to change the pace of the story (SparkNotes Editors). Notice that the author elongates only certain sections of his story by taking the time to elaborately describe the scene; longer sections appear to be the more important topics to the main character. In the beginning of part one, Charlie talks to Alix, the bartender, but then Fitzgerald abruptly changes the scene: “‘Oh-h! You have a little girl?’ Outside, the fire-red, gas-blue, ghost green signs shone smokily…” (Fitzgerald…

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