Analysis Of ' As For Me And My House ' Essay

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When one reads “As For Me and My House,” (Ross), a book such as this can be read in multiple lights and dissected with several tools of context. In the previously studied text, “Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town,” it spoke of false fronts and who the human being actually is on the inside and how that reflects on the external environment. This book is no different, and especially so in the character of Mrs. Bentley. Mrs. Bentley, even though she is the typical, small-town preacher 's wife, she is more than that. For instance, she always thirsts for something more than the miserable existence she schleps out daily. This is made clear in the Lorna Crozier poem Beauty when Lorna, in the persona of Mrs. Bentley, states that “If he were strong, if could show me any tenderness, my hands would be that delicate, they’d braid green ribbons through my hair” (Crozier 24). She craves beauty apart from the plainness that she has; as do a number of women and men. Humans, at various points in their lives, wish for more; to improve themselves, to have the best of life, and to accomplish extraordinary feats. In the diary-fiction of this Canadian classic, Mrs. Bentley makes quite plain what she thinks of Horizon, and every other “Horizon-esque” town she and Philip have “shepherded”; “They’re poor, tumbledown, shabby little towns, but they persist” (Ross 137). It’s in these diary entries compiled that the reader finds the human condition, in virtue of the fact that all humans seek to improve…

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