Analysis Of ' Apples And Water ' Essay

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I chose to dissect “Apples and Water”, because as we discovered in last week’s discussion, it can have many different meanings. Consequently, after reading it at a slightly more surface level, I arrived at a more war-driven and less interpersonal interpretation. No matter the meaning a person arrives at, one of the key elements of this work is the hardships of the war. This poem also speaks of the juxtaposition of a youth’s innocence and hopefulness surrounding war and that of more experienced adult, who understand not only can you not save everyone from the horrors of life, but war cannot be fought with fruit and water. “Apples and Water” is considered a ballad (narrative) poem, separated into quatrains, with an ABAB rhyme scheme. In the first stanza, the poem delivers us at a cottage door beside a mother and her young daughter. We are an observer of the two, looking down the hill as sickly parched lipped soldiers pass by. The world is covered in a film of dust. The second stanza gives us insight into the daughter’s naive view of the soldiers. She sees each one as a man who will be made healthy by a bit of water and a few apples. She foolishly thinks that once the apples have passed their throats and the water has moistened their lips, all of their tribulations will be behind them. In the third and fourth stanza we see the “yin and yang” aspect of the poem. While the daughter wants to go to the soldiers, the mother holds her back, the daughter shows sympathy over their…

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