Analysis Of Annie Ernaux 's ' A Man 's Place ' Essay

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Introduction: This memoire written by Annie Ernaux is a conceptualization of class struggle and the roles of different actors within a family and society. It focuses on the death of Ernaux’s Father, and thusly how his life was constructed through societal norms and how the people around him acted in accordance with those norms. As an uneducated man who raises a daughter that escapes her social binding, the contrast between class structure, labour ideals and gender roles are prevalent throughout this memoire.
This novel can be conceptualized as an exemplary text that describes the challenges and characteristics of society from the early 1900’s to modern day, focusing on the development of economic structure and roles that actors play. This paper will focus on how different sociological theories can be identified and understood through examples in Ernaux’s novel, A Man’s Place.


Structural/ Functional: social roles within the community It is suggested by Ernaux’s Mother that her Father wear the suit he wore to Ernaux’s wedding on his death bed (Ernaux, 1992, p. 15). The suit is appropriate for both the role of a Father giving away his daughter as a bride and the role of a respected man on his deathbed. This describes both concepts from Talcott Parsons’ roles within Structural Functionalism theory; roles as a component of social systems, and that each actor within a social system has a role to play (Gueye, 2015).
Ernaux describes the role her Father plays…

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