Essay on Analysis Of Annie Dillard 's ' The Doorway '

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In “God in the Doorway,” Annie Dillard conveys a shift in her perception of God by associating fearful childhood experiences with her current interpersonal relationship with God. Santa Claus appears at Dillard’s doorway on Christmas Eve and as a young girl Dillard reacts in fear of a powerful, omniscient god-like figure and runs away. (M.S. 1) Dillard later realizes Miss White, her elderly neighbor, dressed-up as Santa Claus intending to shape a loving relationship with Dillard. Miss White attempts to form a bond with Dillard again and focuses a ray of sunlight on her hand with a magnifying glass and burns her causing Dillard to run from her again. Dillard associates the actions of Miss White to her perception of God as wrathful ready to strike her with fire; yet desiring a relationship with her. Although, Dillard as an adult recognizes God’s love for her, she still perceives God as wrathful and continues to prolong a faithful relationship with him. (M.S. 6) Dillard’s tone, repetition, and juxtaposition convey the shift in her perception of God as a God of wrath to a God of love. Dillard’s apologetic and perplex tone portrays her enlightenment regarding Miss White and God’s action as actions of love and no longer of fear. Dillard initially conveys her perception of them by expressing, “Like everyone in his right mind, I feared Santa Claus, thinking he was God” (Dillard, 1982, p. 71). Associating her perception of Santa Claus, to her perception of God because of…

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