Analysis Of Andrew Jackson 's Election Essay example

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Democracy is a government form created and run by the peoples in which occupy the area being governed. A government run by the people includes the idea that decisions are made based on the opinion of the majority. Democracy gives the people choice. The citizens have the opportunity to make choices on how their lives are run and how much involvement the government has in their their everyday life. Due to the fact that Andrew Jackson was elected through the utilization of democracy, he used his presidency to further democratize America through bettering the lives of the majority.
Andrew Jackson’s election was revolutionary in the timeline of American democracy. Prior to Jackson’s election, each of the presidential candidates were wealthy, and well-educated, high class people. Jackson had to use his natural abilities in order to obtain any position of power. For instance, he enlisted into the military and through his success he was given command of the southern frontier during the War of 1812, which resulted in a heroic victory. Due to instances like these, Jackson was relatable to the majority of the people. This election was the first time a president was not considered a high class person prior to candidacy. The people had the hope that Jackson’s victory would transfer the “national power from the country house to the farmhouse…” (DOC 2). The rising of lower socio-economically ranked people to elected office positions was an idea he pushed throughout his campaigning and his…

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