Analysis Of ' All Of The Greats ' Essay

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All of the greats have a story written about them all ranging thousands of years, well to my grandmother, mother and myself, my great grandmother Blanche Beach is great and deserves her story to be told, so this is her story. It is important for her to be remembered because she is history, she lived through World War I, The Great Depression and World War II, and she had a front row seat to the world changing in her one hundred and two years. On January 25th, 1913 James Thompson, 47 years old shot and killed himself with a .38 caliber revolver. In the Monday’s, January 27th, 1913 edition of the Oil City Derrick the obituary for James read “BLOWS OUT HIS BRAINS” and went in depth of his every move before he ended his life. He had been suffering from a kidney infection and two days before while pumping wells he lost consciousness and the exposure to the cold and rain, aggravated his ailment. Then on Saturday he went to visit his sister in-law, were he complained of being ill and in a short time went to an outhouse were he ended his life. When James left his house, he had $12 in his pocket but when the body was discovered and searched there was only $9, he spent $3 on the .38 caliber revolver to end his life. James Thompson was my great great grandfather and my great grandmother’s father, who she would never meet. The picture on the right is James outside of a greenhouse.
He left a pregnant wife and eight children behind. In February 7th, 1913, my great grandmother, Blanche…

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